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What is your rate?
$25.00 per visit

How long is the visit, and what do you do?
The visit is approximately 30 minutes. Services include:
Fresh Food and Water
Scoop or Change Litter As Necessary
Playtime and Affection
Collect Mail and Newspapers
Water Plants, Adjust Blinds and Lighting

Do you administer medications?
Pilling depends on your cat's cooperation. I do not administer injections or sub-cutaneous fluids.

What happens if my cat becomes ill while I am away?
First, I would consult with you if possible and follow your instructions. If you were not able to be reached, I would consult your vet (because you have notified the vet I am looking after your cat) and go from there.

Are you Bonded and Insured?
At Home Cat Care is licensed to do business in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and is bonded and insured.

Do you have references?
References will be provided upon request.

If I want to hire you, what happens next?
We would set up a time for me to come over, meet you and the cats, learn the routine and get a key.

Freya's hypnotic stare tries to
convince her owner to play with her
Neo used her drinking bowl as a hockey puck
until Ann suggested an automatic water fountain

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