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Ann cared for my cats when I lived in northern VA. She would notice little things about my cats (cat appearing to be getting a cold or not acting like they usually do) and always leave me a note. That helped in preventing major problems. I only wish I could find someone like Ann here in Texas to watch my cats when I go on vacation - Maria

Ann Mehrten is the best cat-sitter we've ever had. It's obvious she's knowledgeable about cats and really has a way with them. One of our two cats is pretty high-strung and doesn't much like people, but she took to Ann immediately. When we were introducing a new cat to our household, we called Ann for advice and as always, she was helpful and knowledgeable. It's also great that she makes sure you call or email to confirm that you're back from a trip -- this means we don't have to worry about the cats if there's some glitch and we miss a flight and get delayed by a day. We know she'll keep taking good care of them. It makes it much more fun to go on vacation knowing that the cats are so well taken care of. - M in Falls Church

At Home Cat Care is a fantastic service! Ann is wonderful with my cats - she devotes significant time to each visit and is very attentive to my cats' needs. I know my cats are in very good hands with Ann. - RL in Arlington

Ann is a valuable member of our extended family. Without her, vacations away would not be possible. She loves cats, she loves her job, and she is absolutely, completely reliable. She has access to our house when we are away, and we've never given it a second thought. We love her dearly. - LM in Arlington

Ann is the best! I don't know what I would do without her. My cats love her, and she has even been able to make friends with my extremely shy, run-away-and-hide-when-anyone-other-than-me-is-around kitties. Ann is extremely knowledgeable, very professional and thorough, and I look forward to her daily reports when I am away from my babies. Knowing that Ann is there to take care of my feline family makes traveling easier and much less stressful. - MG in Falls Church

Ann is extremely kind and responsible with my three cats. I have elderly cats with some health issues and I have always felt very safe knowing that Ann will be there taking care of them, will notice anything unusual, will get in touch with me immediately and will handle anything that needs to be done. She places the well being of my cats first, and I know that they are safe and happy under her care. Ann also is in touch with me regularly, so I am in the loop and relaxed while away. - JS in Falls Church

For the last few years Ann has watched my cat and home while I've gone on personal and business travel. When I come home, my cat is happy and relaxed. Ann has a magic charm that delights my furry friend because she customizes her visits to his idiosyncrasies. She doesn't just pop in and out, but she actually spends time in my home with my cat. I want to echo what other people have said regarding her attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. Recently, I didn't leave enough food when I went out of town and Ann simply took care of the purchase for me. I'd like to add that she's a trustworthy person of the highest integrity. If you're going to leave your home, animals, and belongings in anyone's hands, I'd recommend Ann! - AM in Alexandria

Ann has been looking after our cat, Sammy, for many years whenever we head out of town. She is the first person who makes Sammy feel relatively at ease, so much so that Sammy, instead of hiding under the bed when we come home, is generally running down the stairs or sitting in the window waiting to greet us. Sammy is not the friendliest cat to strangers, but Ann clearly does a great job. By bringing in the mail and taking care of other items of household concern when you are away (i.e., lights, etc.), in addition to watching your kitty cat, she is very much worth it - EP in Arlington

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